About Kataba

Kataba is on online consultancy platform for aspiring, newbie and established authors.  We believe in empowering authors so that they spend more time writing, polishing their craft and marketing their books effectively.

100% money back guarantee!

To know more details about our consultancy services, drop in a line at kahanitakbak@gmail.com with “consultation” in the subject line.

Apart from our tailor made consultations, we also offer the following workshops:

  • Amazon for authors( for published authors)
  • How to write and get a print book published? ( for aspiring and newbie authors)
  • Publishing and marketing e Books (for aspiring, newbie and established children authors)
  • Preserving memories through books for the next generation( for senior citizen groups)
  • How to beat writer’s block and harvest story ideas


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About Shyamala Shanmugasundaram

Shyamala Shanmugasundaram is a children’s author, freelance writer and chief Ideator of Kataba.Her written works have been published by Alka Publications, Children’s Book Trust (CBT), National Book trust (NBT), Rupa & Co, Pratham Books, DNA and The Hindu Newspapers. 

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