Are you an author or a blogger? Do you have a mailing list? If your answer is yes, this post is for you.

Coschedule has come out with a new feature to optimize subject lines of emails.

If you notice the statistics for the emails sent to your email list, you will find some emails have a high open rate, some have low.  Since reader engagement is the primary objective of every blogger, subject line of every email you send is important.

Here’s what I learnt after testing several email subject lines using CoSchedule’s new feature:

  1. Use numbers in your subject line. The numbers must be written in figures instead of words.
  2. A subject line with 3-5 words gets the most opens. This is the biggest challenge for any blogger.
  3. Avoid using marketing spammy words like ‘Learn ‘ or ‘Marketing.’ I know it’s not possible to remember the entire list. Check the attached file at the end of the blog for an elaborate list of words.
  4. Use title case for the words in the subject line.
  5. Subject lines with a maximum of 20 characters perform well. Choose your words carefully. Brevity is the soul of wit.

Do you have a bunch of email subject lines ready for testing? Check out CoSchedule’s new feature here

 Check out Coschedule’s  list of words to be avoided in the email subject line EmailSubjectLine-Words-Download_v2 


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